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Deafscooter's Electric Scooter

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Deafscooter's 1St Place on 50 Miles Route 66 Rally
Photo © 2004 by Deafscooter

Hello to Deafscooter's Friend of Electric memebership and EV Groups

My name is Craig Uyeda, and I disapoint because

did damaged my succusfully electric scooter into Gay Pride / im a loser

Check on -->> then Search -->

CraigUyeda , Craig Uyeda , Deafscooter , DeafCraig ,

BaseStationZero , Arctricfox did ruin my personal profile

I want you see what happen Deafscooter's ruin my real life ....

Thank for understand what i have no happy now & quit on

And I quit from  ( They Banned me ! ) 

Because Actricfox ruin my business ( They jealous of my Best Building )

Now Deafscooter enter new -->Website =  

Deaf Scooter originated as a hobby. After participating in several scooter meets and fixing many of my own scooters, many of my friends requested my help repairing their scooters.
Craig (Deafscooter) one electric scooter done complete 30 miles
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This is one of our most popular Electric Vehicle. Check Out our website for other models we sell:


Craig's 1st Place USSRL Racing
Contact:   Craig Uyeda / Deafscooter


Yahoo Message : Deafscooter

Voice Relay 1st call: 1-800-000-0000

Then TDD ask for 1-555-888-3333